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Welcome to our Dojo

The Takahashi Karate Dojo

Takahashi Karate Dojo is recognized worldwide and is the leading school for Traditional Shotokan Karate in New York State. We have two dojos conveniently located in Old Bethpage on Long Island and Mt. Kisco in Westchester.

The home of the USA Headquarters of the Kenkojuku Association, classes are personally instructed by Sensei Masakazu Takahashi, the highest ranking Kenkojuku Karate master in the United States.

Unlimited Classes Each Month / No annual contracts required

All Martial Arts Styles are welcome – come in and try a class.

Great for Children, Adults, and Seniors.

Special Offers

Mid-Day Offer

One week of Free Trial Lessons. Come in for the noon class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and train with Sensei Takahashi for free! Open to everyone, beginners welcome.
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Dojo News

Student News

Dear Students


We regret to inform you of the passing of Tony DeLustro’s daughter Kristina, due to COVID 19. We will be sending a card and flowers to the DeLustro family on behalf of the Dojo. But if you would like to send something separately see the below information.

Memorial messages or flower can be directly found at:


Please keep the family in your prayers.


David & Ray


New Dojo 2021

We have begun the search for a new location for our Dojo.
We are looking for a location that is affordable and convenient for
Sensei’s commute.
We have contacted several real estate agents to help us locate a
suitable place. Students are welcome to help in the search for a new
location. The total Dojo area we are looking for is between 1100 square
feet (Amity Harbor Dojo) and 1400 square feet (Old Bethpage Dojo). The
price range should be $1500 - $1800.
As a side note, Sensei stated that the Zoom classes will continue for
all and will be incorporated into the new Dojo.
All students must be vaccinated in order to participate in in-person training.
As details arise, we will continue to update everyone regarding
our progress.
Ray and Dave

Memorial Day 2021

Memorial Day May 2021  Old Bethpage


Attention Student 


There will be no web training class this Friday and Monday. Web Classes will resume on Wednesday.


These students are celebrating their training aniversary this month

Dave Bantel  -  4 years
Ellen Bernstein  -  2 years