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Welcome to our Dojo

The Takahashi Karate Dojo

Takahashi Karate Dojo is recognized worldwide and is the leading school for Traditional Shotokan Karate in New York State. We have two dojos conveniently located in Amity Harbor on Long Island and Mt. Kisco in Westchester.

The home of the USA Headquarters of the Kenkojuku Association, classes are personally instructed by Sensei Masakazu Takahashi, the highest ranking Kenkojuku Karate master in the United States.

Unlimited Classes Each Month / No annual contracts required

All Martial Arts Styles are welcome – come in and try a class.

Great for Children, Adults, and Seniors.

Special Offers

Spring Special

Start the Spring right and begin Karate training in 2017! To help you get started, all beginning students will receive a two week free trial of lessons. So make that decision to...
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Return-to-the-Dojo Classes Starting Now!

Haven't been to the Dojo in a while? Then our new 6:15pm Thursday night refresher class is for you. Brush up on your Kata in a low pressure environment with personalized...
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Mid-Day Offer

One week of Free Trial Lessons. Come in for the noon class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and train with Sensei Takahashi for free! Open to everyone, beginners welcome.
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Dojo News

Trip to Japan

The Dojo is planning a trip to Japan for next year.  The tentative date is in September 2019.  Please add your name to the sign-up sheet in the Dojo if you think you might be interested in going to train in the Kenkojuku Dojo and see Japan.


Let's congradulate these recently promoted students

Nancy Beckerman  -  Rokudan ( BlackBelt VI )  -  March 2019
Robin Wilson  -  Rokudan ( BlackBelt VI )  -  March 2019
Demos Stefanou  -  Nidan ( BlackBelt II )  -  March 2019
Bob Loni  -  Nidan ( BlackBelt II )  -  March 2019
Barry Choate  -  Nidan ( BlackBelt II )  -  March 2019
Hitomi Kihara  -  Nidan ( BlackBelt II )  -  March 2019
Robert Conrad  -  Nidan ( BlackBelt II )  -  March 2019
Holly Rivlin  -  Nidan ( BlackBelt II )  -  March 2019
Frank Realmuto  -  Shodan ( BlackBelt I )  -  March 2019
Amoolya Menon  -  Shodan ( BlackBelt I )  -  March 2019
Ayana Banerjee  -  Shodan ( BlackBelt I )  -  March 2019
Matt Raver  -  Sho Kyu ( Brown Belt II )  -  March 2019
Moisa Aaron  -  Ni Kyu ( Brown Belt I )  -  March 2019