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Welcome to our Dojo

The Takahashi Karate Dojo

Takahashi Karate Dojo is recognized worldwide and is the leading school for Traditional Shotokan Karate in New York State. We have two dojos conveniently located in Amity Harbor on Long Island and Mt. Kisco in Westchester.

The home of the USA Headquarters of the Kenkojuku Association, classes are personally instructed by Sensei Masakazu Takahashi, the highest ranking Kenkojuku Karate master in the United States.

Unlimited Classes Each Month / No annual contracts required

All Martial Arts Styles are welcome – come in and try a class.

Great for Children, Adults, and Seniors.

Special Offers

Summer Special

Start the Summer right with karate lessons at the Takahashi Dojo
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Return-to-the-Dojo Classes Starting Now!

Haven't been to the Dojo in a while? Then our new 6:15pm Thursday night refresher class is for you. Brush up on your Kata in a low pressure environment with personalized...
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Mid-Day Offer

One week of Free Trial Lessons. Come in for the noon class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and train with Sensei Takahashi for free! Open to everyone, beginners welcome.
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Dojo News

moving update

Oss Please note the Amity Harbor dojo will be closed as of next week on 7/15/19 Monday. Then we move into our new dojo at 222 Bethpage-Sweet Hollow Rd Old Bethpage NY 11804.The opening date of the new dojo will be posted later next week. Moving day will be Saturday 7/20/19. Any help is appreciated.

We Have Moved

We Have Moved

Thanks to all who lent  a hand in our move to 222 Bethpage-Sweet Hollow Rd Bethpage NY11804.The first class will be on Wednesday 7/24/19 at 6:00 pm to 7:00pm and a second class will follow from 7:15 to 8:15.The next scheduled classes will be Friday 7/26/19 at 6:00 pm- 7:00pm and 7:15-8:15.The following week classes will be held on Monday 7/29/19 Wednesday 7/31/19 and Friday 8/2/19 at 6:00 pm-7:00pm and 7:15pm-8:15pm.A new schedule  with additional afternoon classes will be implemented for the first full week in August from 8/5/19 on.


Amity Classes Extended to July 12

The classes at Amity Harbor will continue until Fri. July 12, not stopping on July 3 as was previously announced.

Note that Special Training will still be in Mt Kisco in July (but will likely be in Old Bethpage in Oct).


Endings and Beginings

We are preparing to move into our new Dojo in July.

While that beginning is exciting, it necessitates an ending at the Dojo in Amty Harbor.  A poignant moment for a place that has been our Karate home for 12 years.

The last day of classes in Amity Harbor will be on Wed. July 3.Friday, July 12  We are expecting to move into the new Dojo around July 15 and classes will start shortly thereafter.

All students should bring all of their Bo, Sai, and other items home with them on the last class they attend and bring them to the new Dojo (we will bring any equipment left in the Dojo but it would be easier if you take your own gear.)

Details to follow.



Matt & Ray

Bring bo's to special training

Please bring bo's to special training on July 21.

moving bulletin

To All Students:                                                                                              

We have finally signed our lease for the new dojo! Thank you to all of my students  

for your hard work and contributions to make this happen.This Saturday,July 20th at 9:00 am we will be meeting at the current dojo in Amityville to start the moving process.If you have time please come and help in this final step.Hope to see you all on Saturday!!



Address for the new dojo(however, please meet at the Amityville dojo on Saturday morning).

222 Bethpage Sweet Hollow Rd.

Bethpage NY





These students are celebrating their training aniversary this month

Dave Bantel  -  2 years
Jay Wiggins  -  1 year