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The Dojo Community by Marlena Kuhn

One of the worst things about moving is that you lose all your friends. You have to start from scratch and get people you have just met to like you in the midst of people they... More

Adam Korn in California by Adam Korn

Greetings, Takahashi Dojo family! I’m writing this West Coast dispatch before I’ve made a June trip to New York—during which we’ll have trained together and done some catching... More

Meet Your Fellow Karateka - John Magrini by Nancy Beckerman

“WE ARE THE DOJO!” How long have you been studying karate, and did you start at Sensei Takahashi’s dojo (or a different one)? For the past 25 plus I have been a student of... More

Doryoku No Seishin O Yashinau by Shoujiki Sho

Shojikisho is a senior student at the amity dojo. He has written stories for each of the dojo kun principles, and has written the below story about Endeavor.   Megumi hana was... More

Warrior Spirit by Don Uhrie

I'd like to open by expressing my appreciation to all the men and woman, past and present, who strive to preserve our human birthright, freedom. Since I have never served in the... More

Korn in California

Friends…Countrymen…KARATEKA! It is I, your humble west coast representative for Mt. Kisco (Tom L. covers West Amity), reporting from sunny Cali-fOr-nI-A. June 3rd marked two... More

Searching for the DNA of Karatedo by Shoujiki Sho

This is part one of a serial of stories related to the dojo kun and may give us a better understanding of to “Seek Perfection of Character”. JINKAKU KANSEJ-Nl-TSUTOMURU Many... More

Strengths and Weaknesses by Michael Paladino

I own and operate a scaffolding company. If asked how karate fits into my everyday life as the CEO of the company, I would have to say that studying Shotokan under Sensei... More

Meet Your Fellow Karateka - Kihara Family by Nancy Beckerman

Since the Kihara family is the only family at our dojo in which all members study karate together, I thought it would be interesting to interview them for the... More

Olympic Karate – A Good Fit? by Jim Rielly

Tokyo will host the 2020 Olympics and their Olympic Committee has proposed adding five new sports to the Summer games - skateboarding, sports climbing, surfing,... More

An Introduction to Martial Arts Podcasts by Barry Choate

As a student of martial arts, I am always interested in listening to, and learning from, the insights and advice of others who have travelled the same path. While nothing can... More

The Way From Techniques

An excerpt recommended by Matt Levito from Funakoshi's Karate-Do Kyohan The tremendous offensive and defensive power of Karate-do is well known. Karate-do is an art with which... More

Kata Corner - Bassai Dai

This content is taken from "Kata: The Folk Dances of Shotokan" by Rob Redmond Bassai probably means something like "Extract from a Fortress." In short, "Rescue." The first... More

My Life’s Honor by Dr. Greg Buzzell

It has been my experience that there is maybe one or two times in life when we really get what we desire, when all things just come together and the fantasy you were playing in... More

Infection Prevention in the Dojo by Jeannine Sesack

What is MRSA? MRSA is methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, a potentially dangerous type of staph bacteria that is resistant to certain antibiotics and may cause skin and... More

Thoughts from Our 2016 Captain by Michael Heffner

Back from the Dojo's second trip to Japan (the first was in 2013). We had 17 on this "adventure" vs. 13 – numbers slightly favored the members of the Mount Kisco Dojo. The group... More

Film Review - The Hidden Fortress by Nancy Beckerman

Directed by Akira Kurosawa The Hidden Fortress is a classic – an amazing, adult film, which pairs up the legendary Japanese director, Akira Kurosawa, and one of his favorite... More

Adam Korn in California by Adam Korn

Dear dojo family, I took a crack at writing a proper article for all of you—one that peels back the secrets of martial arts, Shotokan karate, Sensei's sidekick—but every time,... More

Meet Your Fellow Karateka - Maria Vlock by Nancy Beckerman

An Interview with Maria Vlock, Our 2016 Co-Captain Q. How old were you when you started with karate at our dojo, and what got you interested in the first place? A. I was between... More

Karate-Do Philosophy

Excerpt from an article recommended by Matt Levito at Understanding the principles and philosophy of traditional Karate-Do is... More

Kata Corner - The Purpose of Kata

This content is taken from Kata: The Folk Dances of Shotokan by Rob Redmond Kata were imported originally from China where they were called quan and were practiced each as an... More

Meet Your Fellow Karateka - Jim Rielly by Nancy Beckerman

Below is an interview with our student, Jim Rielly (M.D.). He's fairly new to our dojo, and has studied at several other places in the past. His answers to the questions are... More

My Adventure ... by Rick King

My Adventure with Sensei Takahashi, Shotokan Karate and the Takahashi Dojo Part 1: My Shotokan story begins in January of 1980. I was in the middle of working towards getting my... More

Book Review - Karate-Do, My Way of Life by Nancy Beckerman

Book Review - Karate-Do, My Way of Life by Gichin Funakoshi "It was nearly four decades ago that I embarked upon what I now realize was a highly ambitious program: the... More

Using Strategy in Free Style Sparring

Using Strategy in Free Style Sparring – Fundamentals An article recommended by Matt Levito, written by By Stef Socratous, More

Kata Corner - Ten No Kata

This content is taken from It is generally accepted that Ten no Kata was created by Gigo Funakoshi as a simple training tool for beginners.... More

Gichin Funakoshi's 20 Precepts of Karate-Do

Gichin Funakoshi's 20 Precepts of Karate-Do The ultimate aim of Karate lies not in victory nor defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participants.- Gichin... More

Meet Your Fellow Karateka - Michael Begley by Nancy Beckerman

Michael, you have been a student at the dojo now for so long and have been so successful; you are an inspiration not only to the kids there, but to the adults as well! You're a... More

Movie Review - Samurai Banners by Nancy Beckerman

Samurai Banners Starring and produced by Toshiro Mifune Toshiro Mifune may be the most famous Japanese actor of his time, having made innumerable movies, most of which are about... More

Kata Corner - Tekki

This content is taken from the book, Kata, The Folk Dances of Shotokan by Rob Redmond The Tekki kata are three unusual kata in the Shotokan system. Originally Tekki were... More

The Four Stages Of Kata Practice

An article recommended by Matt Levito, written by Iain Abernethy, Practically all karateka practice kata; however, most only practice the initial stage... More

Phrase of the Month Oct, 2014

Once a kata has been learned,it must be practiced repeatedly until it can be applied in an emergency,for knowledge of just the sequence of a form in Karate is useless. – Gichin... More

Dojo Trip to Japan, July 2013 by Nancy Beckerman

Ten students, two family members, and Sensei Takahashi made their way to Tokyo, Japan, this summer for an adventure. The trip was spectacular, and included visits to many... More

Karate Compared to Jiu-Jitsu by Matt Levito

Shotokan and Striking Martial Arts Compared to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Ground Based Systems There is often discussion about which is the most "effective" martial arts style.... More

A "Hidden" Benefit to Karate: Helping High Blood Pressure by Hitomi Kihara

Another health benefit of practicing Karate…it may lower your blood pressure! The American Heart Association published a review last year in the journal Hypertension concluding... More

Meet Your Fellow Karateka - Robin Wilson by Nancy Beckerman

An Interview with Veteran Robin Wilson Robin, since you are one of the very few of us who practiced at the dojo as a child and then again as an adult, you are in a unique... More

Finding Your "One Thing" by Adam Korn

"Fresh cup of coffee, Mr. Marty?" asks a waiter, as my neighbor Marty grandly pulls up to the Manhattan Diner bar like he's Norm from "Cheers." "Actually, Miguel, I'd much... More

Kata Corner - Heian

Heian Have you ever considered the historical background, perhaps even significance, of a particular kata? In this issue we take a look at the meaning of "Heian." This content... More

Book Review - The Way of the Warrior by Nancy Beckerman

The Way of the Warrior. The Paradox of the Martial Arts; by Howard Reid and Michael Croucher, 1991, Overtook Press "When a master...faces an opponent he brings to the... More

Phrase of the Month May, 2014

Everything flows on like a river, without pause, day and night. -- Confucius 551-479 BC Water in the natural environment is flowing and adaptive as in a river or ocean. For... More

The Wisdom of the Crane by Terry Bryan

Calm, balanced and disciplined, what better attributes could you want in a fighter? The crane is a master of angles. She has learned to wait until the last second and then by... More

Phrase of the Month May, 2013

Even after many years, kata practice is never finished, for there is always something new to be learned about executing a movement. - Shoshin Nagamine More

Phrase of the Month Nov, 2012

The ultimate aim of karate lies not in victory nor defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participants. ― Gichin Funakoshi More