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Doryoku No Seishin O Yashinau

by Shoujiki Sho

Shojikisho is a senior student at the amity dojo. He has written stories for each of the dojo kun principles, and has written the below story about Endeavor.


Megumi hana was deep in thought as he was walking thru the village. He was very perplexed as to what he should do.

When he was younger, he always enjoyed the stories his grandfather told him. When his grandfather passed away he really missed out on listening to his stories.

Three years ago he became friendly with an old gentleman, Chogi Higa, who had a reputation of being a story teller. They took a liking to each other and the old man really enjoyed telling stories to Megumi. It wasn't long before the old man began coaching Megumi on how to fabricate stories, and how to express himself in the telling of the stories.

As Megumi was walking, he suddenly realized that he was walking past the teahouse that belonged to Kazuaki Takara, an old friend of his grandfather. Being past midday and feeling hungry he decided to stop in and get something to eat. As soon he stepped into the teahouse, he heard Kazuaki’s familiar greeting. As soon as they finished exchanging greetings, Kazuaki informed Megumi that they were going to have a story telling contest at the teahouse. The winner would be treated to a fish & rice lunch with tea.

Kazuaki asked Megumi what had he been doing with himself and how was his grandmother doing, since his grandfather passed away. He explained to him that his grandmother also passed away. He told Kazuaki that he was going to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps and be a storyteller. Kazuaki was very proud of his old friend’s grandson and invited him to participate in the competition.

As the five contestants sat in a circle, the most senior of the group was first to tell his story. The story was about an ancient warrior fighting mystical beasts. Forcefully told, but not realistic.

The second contestant told an ill-fated love story that bored Megumi to tears.

The 3rd and 4th contestants did not make any impression on Megumi, who was becoming anxious to tell what he knew of his story.

The story revolved around the residents of an old village that he started introducing. The first one was the village drunk, who was looked down on by the rest of the villagers. He staggered around the circle, slurring his words, begging for money to spend on more drink. He quickly stumbled away as soon as he saw the village busybody heading his way. His impersonation literally brought the drunk to life with his slurred speech and uneasy walk.

The second villager, the busybody, presented as a foul, vindictive woman who demanded that the drunk should be banished from the village. She had nothing good to say about anybody. She made it a point to get into everybody’s face as she complained in her shrill, screechy voice as to what should be done with the rest of the useless villagers. His impersonation of her brought fits of laughter from the other contestants.

Megumi went on introducing other villagers and getting positive reactions from the other contestants and guests in the teahouse. Megumi abruptly stopped telling his story and took his seat again.

Everyone was stunned. Many people that were witness to the story telling event were exclaiming that Megumi should be the winner. That enraged two of the other contestants that proclaimed that it wasn't fair that a professional storyteller participated in their contest.

Kazuaki quickly quieted everyone down and assured everyone that Megumi was only 17 years old and was not a professional storyteller. He then began to ask Megumi why he stopped telling the story. Megumi explained that in the past 3 years that's all that his teacher, Chogi Higa, has taught him. Kazuaki replied, "I know of him. He is not so well known because he does not possess a strong speaking voice. His voice is rather feminine." Megumi replied, "I understand what you are saying. I was thinking about finding another teacher."

Kazuaki replied, "He is better known for his ability to fabricate stories and making the characters and facts interesting. It would be a mistake for you to look for another teacher. It is the desire of everyone who has a passion for what they teach to develop a student who exceeds the abilities and knowledge of the teacher. This will ensure the integrity of the art or discipline, will always be of a high standard and never decline or be lost."

Megumi took the advice from kazuaki and became best storyteller of all time in Okinawa.