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Karate Is by Stephanie Occhipinti

After 20 years of training in Shotokan Karate at Takahashi Dojo in Amityville, it’s become a part of me. Yes, it has improved my physical strength, balance, flexibility and... More

KARATE - It's Not What We Do by Mickey Stephan

As someone who enjoys the study and practice of Karate, I constantly look to find areas to apply this knowledge to in my daily life, as well as looking for other applicable... More

The Dojo is Truly Family by Robin Wilson

I started studying karate with Sensei when I was 8. My mother wanted me to take karate to learn how to defend myself and we took class together for years. I have studied with... More

Learn Karate at Any Age by Demos Stefanou

I have been a student at the Takahashi Karate Dojo in Amity Harbor for five months. Starting this art later in life, with no prior experience has propelled me to new insights.... More

Karate-Do: A Path for Life – Part II by Mike Visgauss

Why Part II? Because this is a re-write of an article submitted to the Dojo News years ago. Some things have changed, some have not. Our Dojo has a new home. A little smaller,... More

Dojo Kun

Seek Perfection of Character Be Faithful Endeavor to Excel Respect Others Refrain From Violent Behavior More

Inspiration of a Novice by Alyson Visgauss

My introduction to karate began as early as memories began to form of my life. As a little girl I was drawn to this beautiful thing I had no understanding of. Whether it was... More

Balancing Body, Mind & Spirit by Stephanie Targett

As long as I can remember I had a strong desire to practice the art of karate. As a child my father had refused me lessons, afraid that I would injure myself. As I got older the... More

Winter's Gauntlet by Rachel Turet

“I must be out of my mind!” It’s a thought that keeps playing over and over, like some hysterical mantra, as I step barefoot onto the parking lot of the beach. The windswept... More