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Karate Is

by Stephanie Occhipinti

After 20 years of training in Shotokan Karate at Takahashi Dojo in Amityville, it’s become a part of me. Yes, it has improved my physical strength, balance, flexibility and movement, but it has also changed my ways based on these elements. Strength is endurance to complete what I’ve started. For my mind, it’s inspiration, motivation, professional drive and parenting. Balance in my stance keeps me grounded which applies to all facets of my life in career, health and love. My movements have become quicker and sharper where in life it has improved my decision making and my ability to strategize is more defined. Flexibility not only keeps me healthy, I’m more accepting of the changing times and less opposed to adjusting to what life throws my way.

Karate is a never-ending lesson both in the dojo and in life, a good book you can’t put down, and a way that helps with focus, community and perfection of character. No one athlete, parent or person is perfect, it’s understanding that and always striving to do your best. Karate keeps me fit and strong as a person. As a jewelry designer and entrepreneur, it has helped me pay attention to detail in business and spiritually to be more fluent with creativity. I plan on being a student in karate for as long as I can. Karate is not just for kids!! It’s the fountain of youth.

I appreciate all of Karate’s amazing qualities including its philosophy and traditions. I share my experiences through my jewelry. My own EMPI Collection evolved from years of training to achieve my black belt in Shotokan Karate. I feel jewelry should have balance, be timeless, personal, and reflect the wearer's individual spirit, sense of integrity and uniqueness. Shotokan Karate inspires power, grace and movement, inspiration that is infused in all my designs.

The Fountain of Youth