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Meet Your Fellow Karateka - Kihara Family

by Nancy Beckerman

Since the Kihara family is the only family at our dojo in which all members study karate together, I thought it would be interesting to interview them for the newsletter.

Nick (Naoto)
Athena (Moay)
Andrew (Keito)

Q. Who was the first member of your family to start studying karate? What led this person to Shotokan and to our dojo?

A. Moay and Keito were the ones who started first. Hitomi (mom) was the one who researched the Yellow Pages (yes, it was THAT many years ago) for a Japanese karate sensei.

Q. When did the other members of the family join the dojo, and what got them interested?

A. Naoto (dad) joined shortly after Moay and Keito. Hitomi joined 9 years after the family.

Q. Is it hard or easy to be in class with family members?

A. It was easy for all of us to be in a class together. We love the experience of doing karate as a family.


Q. Did you begin studying karate as a child or as an adult? If as a child, how old were you?

A. Moay: I started when I was in fifth grade (10 years old), just when I started middle school.

Keito: I started when I was in first grade (6 years old).

Naoto: I started in 2003, a little after the kids.

Hitomi: I started in 2012, 9 years after everybody else.

Q. How did you get interested in karate?

A. Moay: I was doing dance and gymnastics before and I wanted to do something new.

Keito: At the time, I wanted to do everything my sister did so I tagged along.

Naoto: Because it is traditional Japanese martial arts.

Hitomi: I wanted to join my family.

Q. What has kept you studying martial arts?

Moay: I really liked doing the kata.

Keito: To keep a strong mentality.

Naoto & Hitomi: For anti-aging, excellent physical, mental, and social activity.

Q. How has advancing through the ranks changed your study of Shotokan karate?

All: We believe it hasn't changed our attitude on studying Shotokan karate. Moving up in ranks is a great motivation, but we always strive to do the best we can.

Q. How has karate influenced the rest of your life (home, school, work, friendships, recreation)?

A. Moay: I learned how to be patient with others.

Keito: I am disciplined.

Naoto: I can't believe I can still do double-jumps with jump ropes.

Hitomi: I am in the best physical condition in my life, which makes everything easier to do.

Q. How has practicing with your family members affected your family relationships?

A. Moay: I learned to appreciate certain characteristics that my family members excel at.

Keito: I learned to be more patient when teaching my mom.

Naoto: The family is more connected.

Hitomi: I enjoy being taught by my children.

Q. Is there anything else you would like to share with the dojo members about your experience with Shotokan karate?

A. There is no better place to learn self-discipline, self- defense, martial arts, and develop social connections than our dojo. Takahashi-Sensei is truly the best Sensei you could possibly learn karate from. This is why we have been coming to the dojo since 2003.