Dojo:   Amityville   Yin yang dojo b   Mt. Kisco

Dojo Rules

These are the basic rules of the Dojo:

  • Always display good manners in the Dojo.
  • Bow upon entering and leaving the training floor and Dojo entrance and say OSS! Strongly.
  • Bow to all Black Belts, first to the higher ranks.
  • Always answer instructors with the title "Sensei."
  • Only bare feet on the training floor; No Shoes.
  • No alcohol in the Dojo.
  • No Smoking, drinking, eating, or chewing gum, in the Dojo.
  • All students must help to keep the Dojo clean.
  • Use good personal hygiene and a clean Karate Gi.
  • Treat people with respect, so that you may be respected.