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Update from Sensei

To all students:


I hope everyone is doing well and remaining healthy. We have all experienced blizzards and weather events in the past, but this is something very different. I hope the medical world can come up with a solution soon so we can all get back to the dojo and our daily lives. 


Most of you are advanced students and should know how to practice at home but my suggestion is to keep the same schedule as the dojo. Try to commit to two or three times a week for 30 minutes. 


If space allows pick a different kata at each session and practice it slowly a few times and then at regular tempo. If your space is limited then practice more basics in place: from yoi and kibadachi stance --decide how many punches or blocks you are doing and stick to that number at each workout. You can increase that number from week to week. If you can commit to a schedule it will help you to keep a good routine. Sensei Funakoshi said "karate is like boiling water; if you let the fire go out, the water gets cold." (approximate translation)


We all miss the dojo and I encourage everyone to keep our "dojo family spirit" alive and to remain positive. I will continue to keep in touch as time goes on.


Oss, Sensei